The World is Waiting On You

In October of 2013, I launched as a style blog and set out to inspire women to rethink style, become authentic and live beautifully. My selections and features quickly became a hit on social media and the Jokotade platform took off! What followed was life-changing...
As I continued posting more photos, I noticed my audience wanted more. The women who followed me reached out to ask me more questions about other areas of life.
A year later in 2014, I felt inspired to start a podcast. I titled it The Jokotade Show. The Jokotade Show became an avenue for me to cover a diverse set of topics to meet the many different needs of my audience. I also developed an APP called Jokotade to help my audience organize and quickly access all of the resources I offer.
My journey has allowed me to inspire and mentor several people along the way. It has also pushed me to grow beyond my dreams and helped me articulate my purpose. 
I will never forget one email I received from Jessica Chinyelu Anibowei, founder of Woman of Purpose Conference in 2013 shortly after I launched my blog. She was so excited about what I started and invited me to speak as a panelist in her 2014 Conference featuring Heather Lindsey as the Keynote for that year.
In 2015, I was invited back as the opening keynote and then again in 2017 as an opening keynote speaker for the second time.
After watching my speaker's reel video this morning (see below), I burst into tears of gratitude and wept "What if I never started?"
If I never started with what I had at the time (a mere 4-page website) and put it out there, Jessica may have never discovered me and invited me to serve or speak at any of her conferences.
It bears repeating, please START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. You don't need money to start, you only need to invest your time. Use your time to start making an impact, the money to expand will follow.
Today, I am grateful for everyone who has been a part of my journey. I particularly celebrate Jessica Chinyelu Anibowei and her amazing team for believing in me. I am proof that every big thing starts small and I will not forget this. 
How about you? What will you start today?
Video Reel: Davis Creative