After The Storm: Is Your Income Weatherproof? [Watch Video]


When Hurricane Harvey hit and the city flooded, I got stranded away from home. Like many people, I could not gain access to my work and business the entire week. No access to my business meant no access to customers. No access to customers meant no access to sales. No sales equaled no revenue. No revenue equaled no income. Do you get the picture?

But...and thankfully...all wasn't lost for me. Even though my locally based business was inaccessible, I still received digital notifications of income coming in from another source. In other words, the only way I generated some income was through the source that is WEATHERPROOF. My question to you is this:

  • Do you have at least one source of income that is weatherproof?
  • In the case of a natural disaster or emergency, are you still able to generate another form of income?
  • Have you considered how technology will affect your current "stable" source of income?
  • Or are you simply broke?

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Thank me later :)