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Artist, Fashion Illustrator, Speaker in Houston, Texas

March: Rest. Harmony. Bliss.

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modern goods for elegant people


Jokotade  (JOE-KOH-TAH-DAY)  is a Nigerian-American artist, illustrator, and designer who inspires a global audience with her art, words, and voice. With signature hand-drawn illustrations and drawings found on gifts, stationery, decor and homeware, the premise of her work celebrates modern elegance, timeless simplicity with graceful style.  She is best known for her iconic use of minimal clean lines to amplify the messages of love, harmony, beauty and calm. When she is not drawing or inspiring others to be creative, she is on a microphone engaging audiences with her relevant insights. Her network of podcasts and talk shows have served audiences in over 100 countries. She quietly works from her studio in Houston, Texas.


simple. modern. elegant.

Simplicity is the new Art

Elegance is the new Modern

Minimal is the new Sophistication

This is the narrative of my work


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Lagos Illustrated

Lagos Illustrated is a personal tribute to my place of birth - Lagos, Nigeria. Arguably the most populous city in West Africa, Lagos is an intriguing city that never sleeps and like the city, the people, places and fashion are always alive. In this series, I seek to capture the heart, spirit, culture and life of modern day Lagosians with each hand-drawn illustration.


florals and fashion

Florals & Fashion is the current theme of my work. Illustrations featuring a fusion of my two favorite themes - romantic florals and elegant fashion. Using multiple yet minimal clean lines, I seek to explore the power of flowers in the ever-changing world of fashion.