The Jokotade Show

Schedule: Currently Off-Season

The Jokotade Show is my insightful talk show dedicated to providing relevant actionable wisdom on real life matters affecting young women.  My passion is to help you live a more meaningful and maximum life whether you are married or unmarried. The Jokotade Show is globally syndicated via the web 24/7 and is available as a webcast and a podcast.  The best way to watch and listen is to download my FREE Jokotade APP from the APP stores and to follow me on social media.  If you want to ask me a question or suggest a topic, please visit my ASK page.

Show Details

  • When to Listen: Tuesdays (when in season)
  • Where to Listen: iTunes | SoundCloud | The Jokotade App - Free on iTunes or PLAY
  • Show Format: Audio & Video Podcast
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