From Dina

First of all, I would like to say that I speak French, but I'm not speaking English often...I understand it and can barely write it. So I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for my mistakes! And I hope you'll understand my message.

So, I'm a young black woman... I gave my life to Christ 6 years ago even though I was born in a Christian family! I have a group of women, and it's a group to motivate women in their journey of a Christian life. We take the time to talk, to encourage and to pray for one and another and to do actions in our community. It's not easy to be a leader...but I'm grateful that God allowed me to experience it.

I heard about you this week when I was looking at a video on youtube...and the girl was talking about you saying that you were the kind of woman who inspired her. 

I have no WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW HAPPY I AM THAT I FOUND YOU!! It's a TRUE BLESSING FROM GOD!!!!!!!!! I was a point in my life where I was questioning my journey and asking God for direction. You address many aspects of my life it's UNBELIEVABLE!! 

I'm also starting a business..and I had difficulty to stay focus...feeling discouraged..dry and lack of motivation! Since I discovered you this week...I ALWAYS listen to your audio! in my car, in my room!! and you have NO idea of how God use you powerfully!!!! I am crying, I am happy that you speak well, so I understand everything!! and you speak wisely, so it makes me think!!

I feel like a found a big sister a mentor! I already share you with my friends! Vivian, I really want you to know that you ARE BEAUTIFUL, and I was looking for a beautiful ELEGANT Christian black woman and I found you!! You are a model for me...I'm just happy!!

Please!! I know sometimes the journey is not easy..sometimes we question what we are doing!! But I want to encourage you to continue!!!!! you've changed my perspective in many aspects!! I struggle with many things but when I heard your audios and your testimony...i see many things that we had in common and now I have hope that God will continue to work and change my heart so I can be the beautiful, elegant, wise, loving, caring women that God wants me to be!! Now I find hope in God that he will prepare me to be the woman for the man that I am waiting for. You're truly inspiring! I will pray for you and your family!!!


D from Montreal