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Artist, Fashion Illustrator, Speaker in Houston, Texas


My Story Begins with a Dream


A dream of being more and doing more, a dream of living my full potential, a dream of leaving a lasting legacy and a dream of helping others do the same.

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A Suitcase and a Dream

In 1997, I moved to the United States with a suitcase and a very big dream. I was hungry for the opportunity to move forward after experiencing a very rough and downward financial season with my parents back home in Lagos, Nigeria. I literarily had to start all over.


1. Every Big Thing Starts Small


I began my American life as a hair braider. This was my only choice at the time as I had to wait a full year to begin my university education. I finally received an admission into the University of Houston where I majored in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration with special interests in marketing and communications. Along the way life happened. I got passed up for career promotions. I lost my dream job. I suffered a heart break. I struggled with fear and insecurities. I got married. I grieved a miscarriage and I also built a business. 

My journey wasn’t smooth neither was it easy but I am very grateful. Everything I learned growing up as a young African child shaped my values and influenced my path. Learn more of my story when you hear me speak live or through any of my podcasts.

In 2013, I launched as a style blog and set out to inspire women to rethink style, become authentic and live beautifully. Back then, there were hardly any bloggers who featured classic, polished and tastefully styled African clothes. So you know what I did? I raised my hand and rose to the task. My selections and features quickly became a hit on social media. It literally caused a renaissance and the Jokotade platform took off! What followed was life changing...


2. Every Thing Has a Purpose


As I continued posting more photos, I noticed my audience wanted more. The women who followed me reached out to ask me more questions about other areas of life:

  • They asked about personal development;
  • They asked how I started my business;
  • They asked how I balanced my passions with my marriage;
  • They asked about raising a family;
  • They asked so many questions I could relate to.

A year later in 2014, I felt inspired to start a podcast. I titled it The Jokotade Show. I had no idea what it would evolve into. The Jokotade Show became an avenue for me to cover a diverse set of topics to meet the many different needs of my audience. I also developed an APP called Jokotade. The APP organizes all of the resources I offer and helps my audience access their favorite shows on their mobile devices at any time. 

Find these Shows on the free Jokotade APP

The Jokotade Show (Life, Purpose, Growth)

The Jokotade Show (Life, Purpose, Growth)

Before I Do Show (Love & Relationships)

Before I Do Show (Love & Relationships)

Idea to Influence (Business & Influence)

Idea to Influence (Business & Influence)


Grow with a Different Kind of Mentor


I keep things simple and real. I break down complex issues, and I show you step-by-step how to make things happen in your life. What's more, I'll inspire your potential. You'll find clarity, gain confidence and rise above fear.


3. Everyone Needs a Guide


My journey has allowed me to inspire and mentor several people along the way. It has also pushed me to grow beyond my dreams and helped me articulate my purpose. I now write, speak and teach on several topics to a diverse audience in over 100 countries - providing relevant, actionable wisdom for winning in life, love and business.

The premise of my work and passion is simple: To inspire your potential - To show you what is possible.

I consider myself a next-generation problem-solver, more like a catalyst. I love to see people grow and thrive - It's in my DNA! I love to see people live out their potential, and fulfill their purpose in every area of life. I don't want you to be the exception. I want to see you do something about your life starting right now. Not tomorrow but today - regardless of your past, mistakes, struggles or challenges. Please, take the first step to discover the many resources I offer and allow me to guide you to a better destination. Who knows, it might be you standing where I am today.