3. Invest in Your Potential - Choose a Solution that Fits


Fresh Start Book

If you've ever wondered where to start or what to do next in your life, then my book, Fresh Start, is for you. In Fresh Start, I teach that a fresh start is more than a sudden occurrence, and more than a wish. A fresh start is a process. A fresh start is a journey - a journey that requires a plan. Through stories from my life and the experiences of others, I provide you a compelling, easy to follow guide with steps to consider on your journey beginning right where you are.

Discover the 5 Essential principles you need to get back on track and move forward. You'll be inspired to dream and reach for the life you were born to live. 


Your Personal Growth & Online Mentorship

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The Jokotade Network at Jokotade.TV


True success begins with making your personal growth a priority. At Jokotade.TV I personally share the resources, strategies and insights that have helped me and will in turn help you:

  • Identify what matters most in life
  • Schedule your priorities accordingly
  • Live a more intentional life
  • Overcome many of your poor habits
  • Articulate your purpose
  • Discover who you really are
  • Move your life forward

Gain mentorship too when you become part of this exclusive online TV network created to help you accelerate your dreams and live out your potential. Connect with other like-minded go-getters. Receive down-to-earth, easy to apply, practical guidance for real results and true success. 


The 7-Figure School for Entrepreneurs

A series of online classes to help you START or GROW a profitable business. Learn and discover how to:

  • Generate multiple streams of income
  • Overcome the fear of starting your business
  • Start with limited or zero resources
  • Resurrect or exit your struggling business
  • Operate a profitable business
  • Develop the secret habits you need for success
  • Price your product or service
  • Build a 7-figure brand
  • Develop a 7-figure website
  • Save time and money with the right tools