The Jokotade Network of Shows

When I first began my journey as a talk show host in 2014, I had no idea what it would evolve into. My breakout show was The Jokotade Show. The Jokotade Show became an avenue for me to cover a diverse set of topics to meet the many different needs of my audience. Two years later, in response to those diverse needs, I have now seen the need to breakup The Jokotade Show into specialized segments - resulting in The Jokotade Network of Shows. Each show is true to my personality, the many hats I wear and the many roles I juggle everyday. I hope you'll find each show insightful and relevant for your own life journey.

Before I Do Show with Jokotade

Before I Do Show

Schedule: Schedule 1 - Premiers Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Before I Do Show is my new heart-to-heart talk show for young unmarried women (and men) who dream of a lasting marriage. This show isn't an attack on single life but rather an insightful and inspirational resource for those who desire to be married. On this show, I share my personal story and the wisdom I have gained on my marriage journey.  I also equip you with the best examples I know to get you moving in the right direction as you prepare for a life-time of commitment.


  • When to Listen: Thursdays 
  • Where to Listen: The Jokotade App - Free on iTunes or PLAY
  • Show Format: Audio Podcast
Idea to Influence Show with Jokotade

Idea to Influence Show

Schedule: Season 1 - Premiers Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Idea to Influence Show is my new down-to-earth talk show for emerging entrepreneurs and leaders.  If you dream of starting or growing a business idea that will ultimately change your life and the lives of those around you, this is the show for you. In the show, I take your questions and share my personal experiences as an entrepreneur. I also share how I went from a no-idea to a one-idea and to a multi-idea global influencer.  I provide practical every day how-tos and strategies to help move your idea forward.  People give up when they don't know how - let the Idea to Influence Podcast, show you how. 


  • When to Listen: Tuesdays 
  • Where to Listen: iTunes | The Jokotade App 
  • Show Format: Audio Podcast
The Jokotade Show

The Jokotade Show

Schedule: Currently Off-Season

The Jokotade Show is my insightful talk show dedicated to providing relevant actionable wisdom on real life matters affecting young women.  My passion is to help you live a more meaningful and maximum life whether you are married or unmarried. The Jokotade Show is globally syndicated via the web 24/7 and is available as a webcast and a podcast.  The best way to watch and listen is to download my FREE Jokotade APP from the APP stores and to follow me on social media.  If you want to ask me a question or suggest a topic, please visit my ASK page.

  • When to Listen: Tuesdays (when in season)
  • Where to Listen: iTunes | SoundCloud | The Jokotade App - Free on iTunes or PLAY
  • Show Format: Audio & Video Podcast