Trending Hot Right Now: Jokotade for Attollé Clothiers


I am so excited to announce my new collaboration with one of the best kept secrets of the fashion industry - Attolle Clothiers.  Attolle Clothiers was founded in 2002 by Bookey Itoandan - an internationally studied Attorney who followed her passion for Fashion.  Attollé Clothiers offers a contemporary take on classic heritage fabrics including bold wax prints popularly known as  African Prints or Ankara Fabrics, Dutch Wax and the list goes on.

3 Reasons I chose to collaborate with this brand:

  1. Classic Elegance - I'll take this any day and this brand definitely gets it.
  2. Relevant Style - The pieces are unique yet very relevant and fashion forward.
  3. Pure Comfort - I feel great in the clothes made by Attolle Clothiers.

I am honored to be the new Brand Ambassador for Attolle Clothiers.  Let's just say our collaboration match was made in heaven and now revealed to you :).

Over the next few posts I will share the entire collection with you. With a new collection inspired by my love for classic elegance and relevant style, the collection pieces are flying off the racks.  I want to know what you think?

What to do now?

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  2. Head on to right now to order yours!