The Fragrance of Style


"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting." - Christian Dior

Every woman has a fragrance. By fragrance I do not refer only to a choice of perfume but also to character or persona.  I believe a woman's choice of perfume says a lot about her character good or bad.  A perfume also conveys what we want others to think of us.  I love it when a woman has a signature perfume that just works well with her body and chemistry.

My best advice on selecting a fragrance is this:  

Select a fragrance that expresses your feminity.  I love to smell like a woman and I ensure each fragrance I select reflects I'm one.  I love it when someone compliments me with the following words "You smell beautiful."  While this isn't my sole goal, it does help me see that I have managed to successfully communicate my personal sense of style even through a fragrance or perfume selection.

What to Do: 

  1. Shop Periodically - Visit the fragrance or perfume counter periodically. I like to do at least twice a year to stay informed of the new releases.  This also gives me time to grow into my new fragrance.
  2. Shop  Alone - I also suggest going alone when shopping.  Visiting the fragrance shop in the company of your kids is definitely not a great idea either.  Make it personal, trust me it's that important.
  3. Seek a Fragrance Consultant - When you visit a perfume shop, ask to speak with a fragrance consultant who isn't busy with another to assist you with the questions you may have.  Spend a few minutes discussing your personality
  4. Request Sample Cards -  Request sample cards that you may wear for a few days before actually purchasing a new perfume. 
  5. Be Original - Be original and pay attention to what works very well for you. Think outside the box yet think YOU and be open to trying new options.  You never know what you may find.

What Not To Do:

  1. Don't Rush - Don't be in a hurry when visiting the fragrance shop.  
  2. Don't Be Greedy - Don't try on too many fragrances in one visit. I recommend no more than 3 - 4 on a visit.  
  3. Don't Be a Copy Cat - Don't let your goal be to smell exactly like someone else.  Remember your body chemistry plays a huge role and is definitely unique to you.  Stay true to you, take time to find and discover you. You won't regret it.

"Perfume is like a personal signature, which is why I like to mix my own. For years I've paired Femme by Rochas with Shalimar and love the results."  Danielle Steel

Lastly, I thought I'd share my current signature perfume. I get nothing but darling compliments with this fragrance: Cartier's Baiser Vole interpreted as STOLEN KISS.  I'd share my personal review of this perfume in a separate post.  What's your signature perfume, please share...