Price vs Comfort? How to Choose the Perfect Shoes

As a speaker, I get to stand on my feet for long periods and so for me, my choice of shoes are a vital part of my preparation and presentation.  Today, I thought I'd share how I choose the perfect shoes.

3 Ways to Choose the Perfect Pair of Shoes

  1. Choose Comfort over Price 
  2. Choose Fit over prestige
  3. Choose Value over hype
Vince Camuto
Vince Camuto

As a stylish girl who obviously enjoys shopping, I have tried different brands of shoes at different price points and I have safely come to a personal conclusion: The best shoes are not necessarily the most high priced or the most prestigious. I will choose my shoes based on the principles highlighted above.  

  1. I will not suffer my precious feet that has the potential to take me everywhere I want to go in life to hours of misery and pain.  Consider this, how many times have you or a friend said the following words: "My shoes are killing me".  Why will I work so hard in life and reward myself with a pair of PAIN-FULL shoes.  I will treat my feet with dignity and respect so I may accomplish more.  This may sound funny but consider how many hours we subject our feet to so much pain  because we want to appear prestigious to friends or because we want to wear the "IN" or "IT" shoe.  
  2. I will choose shoes that compliment and fit my feet well.  Sometimes it's really okay to be the comfortably and stylish ODD ONE OUT. If it fits and suits you well, you'll carry and present yourself well. This will also make up for the "prestige". I'll take a remarkable fit over peer prestige anytime.
  3. I also will not wear poor quality shoes with low values as well.  When selecting shoes, consider the cost of wear.  The cost of wear is simply the price of an item divided by the number of wears you are able to get out.  For instance, if a pair of shoes cost $100 and you are able to wear it say at least 10 times, then the real value or cost of wear to you is $10.  Another instance, if you pay $1000 for a pair of shoes and only get to wear the shoes twice, then your cost of wear is $500.  Your goal is to get more number of wears from each purchase you make.  Simply put, always go for the better return on your hard earned money.

Among a few other brands that help me stay true to my shoe philosophy, I must say that one brand usually at the very top of my list is the VINCE CAMUTO brand.  Please note, this post is NOT sponsored by Vince Camuto.

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