The Consistency Challenge

Inconsistency is a thief of success.
— Jokotade

I was that person - inconsistent with almost every area of my life. It seemed as though everyone around me was making so much progress and I wasn't.  Like fear, my lack of consistency had limited my BIG DREAMS and robbed me of so much life and success. I was frustrated with myself and tired of my poor habits. I desired more until I figured out what I needed to do. 

This CONSISTENCY series is for you if:
- You are struggling with inconsistency in any area of your life; 
- You are frustrated with yourself and feel like giving up; 
- You feel hopeless watching others live out their dreams while yours fade to the background;
- You want to know the simple practical steps you can take starting right now.
- You want to know how I personally grew in the area of consistency for my personal success; 

All through the month, I will be inspiring and mentoring women all over the world to start living a life of consistency more than ever before. I announced this on my weekly Instagram LIVE video podcast @jokotadeshow. I also promised to send out a copy of my free Consistency Tracker. By the way, if you are a gentleman reading this - you can join us too :)).

Do This 3 STEPS Next:

1. Download the Consistency Tracker
Available only to members of my FREE Success Circle. You can join now via email, Simply fill out the quick form right here >>.

2. Watch my Video on Consistency
Last month, I created a video for my Jokotade.TV network subscribers titled "How To Be Consistent." This video was such a HUGE HIT that I couldn't help but share the preview with you. Watch the video here >>.
3. Download my free APP
The Jokotade APP is the best way to stay inspired with the rest of the group. Find The Jokotade APP on iTunes or PLAY - be sure to ALLOW notifications.  

I want this series to impact as many lives as possible so please share this challenge with anyone who needs to start making real progress in their lives.

What are you waiting for? Follow the 3 Steps right now.

With So Much Love,