Fearless - How to Rise Above Fear

What would you do, if you had no fear?

For a long time, I let FEAR rule my life:

  • The fear of tomorrow;
  • The fear of others;
  • The fear of what they'll say;
  • The fear of failure;
  • The fear of success;

I allowed fear to rob me of so much until ... I got to see that there was more inside of me than I realized ... that I had so much available to me and I just didn't know it. Frankly, I had allowed a lack of the right kind of knowledge rob me of so many possibilities.

There are quite a few ways I have learned to rise above fear. Along with prayer, the first for me is getting KNOWLEDGE. The moment I committed to reading more and getting my mind exposed, I began to rise above fear like never before.

If you are struggling with fear like me, I want you to know you can rise above fear. One simple way to do so is to start reading or listening more to books, resources, and teachings. Start with one great book and stick with it until you finish. You see, the more you know, the more you become. The more you become, the more you rise. 

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