I Will No Longer Be Broke - A Money Series

"I was the one - Madam Never Has - Madam pay for what? - Madam that's just a waste of money. Yes, the one that calculated everything not because I was being diligent but because things were so tight, I had to calculate the embarrassment. The one that watched others find a way to fund their dreams. The one that never had to give or only gave $1. The one that often counted coins ... UNTIL ... I decided to no longer live that way..." (an except)

I am excited about my all new personal finance/money series. All through April, I will share and teach practical insights and principles that have helped me grow and live out financial success. The series will be taught and posted on my Instagram profile @JokotadeShow. Follow now and enable notifications on your Instagram APP.

It's time to rewrite your financial story, are you ready?

With Love,

Jokotade @JokotadeShow