Style Sense 51: Pencil Chic

I am finally settling down into a new life rhythm after the launch of my brand new book FRESH START. It really does feel like starting over again. Let's just say life is a bit different when you become a published author. I wake up daily to make serious decisions that can impact the lives of so many people.

One of the decisions I made was returning to how I first began the Jokotade platform. I began the Jokotade platform writing on topics that mean so much to me as a woman - one of which is STYLE. I am passionate about a woman looking her best within her means and I longed to inspire other women to discover their true purpose, find themselves and look beautiful while doing so. And so, I began to journal and share my personal sense of style and it quickly became a hit with so many women around the world. I chose to stay true to myself, my nationality, my beliefs and my dreams.

Well, I have decided to continue inspiring my readers, listeners, and viewers again by reintroducing my style segment.   I'll aim for an inspirational look at least once a month for now.

On this post, you'll find my latest collaboration with Attollé Clothiers. Attollé Clothiers is a U.S based fashion house offering a contemporary take on heritage fabrics including luxury wax prints, Ankara fabrics and African prints. I am currently a brand ambassador and spokesperson for Attolle Clothiers and I am excited about the end result of our recent projects. 

Introducing the J-Skirt by Attollé Clothiers

The J-Skirt is an absolutely flattering skirt inspired by my love for midi length pencil skirts.  This custom tailored skirt by Attollé Clothiers was named and shortened after my name - Jokotade and truly reflects my personality.  I like the skirt for fit, comfort and use. You can wear this skirt to practically any event of your choice. I wore this look to a women's conference and completely stole the show :). I want to know - where would you wear yours? Tell me below ... find more details about this look below the photos ... happy styling!

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