It's Never Too Late For Your Dreams

I am so excited to announce the release of my first and breakout book - Fresh Start. It has been a long journey for me and I am grateful I made it. I want to encourage you reading this post right now - It's not too late to pursue your dreams. You may have lost some time and lost some ground but it's never too late to continue. I must tell you that it seemed impossible, it felt impossible, it looked so far away but I am grateful  I made it.  I write all about this in the book. 

All formats of the book are now available online at Amazon and all major booksellers. I have worked extremely hard on my distribution since I have readers and listeners in over 100 countries. Find a complete list of where to buy when you visit

I have also written about my journey to becoming an author at the official website of the book. Get all of the information when you visit: I want to hear your first thoughts on the book. Your support means so much. Thank you for sticking through this entire process with me.


Vivian "Jokotade" Adeniyi