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Before I Do Show


Before I Do Show

Inspiring The Next Generation of Lasting Marriages

Choosing the right marriage partner is the second most important decision I have made on my journey to living out my full potential. If you desire to do the same, this is one decision I believe you too want to get right, but navigating single life before marriage can be tough and challenging. 

The Before I Do Show is my new heart-to-heart talk show for the young unmarried woman (and man) who dreams of a meaningful and lasting marriage. This show is not an attack on single life but rather an insightful and inspirational resource for those who have a desire to be married. 

On this show, I share my personal story and the wisdom I have gained on my marriage journey.  I also equip you with the best examples and resources I know to get you moving in the right direction.

This Show Will Help You ...

  • Gain insight into the realities of marriage
  • Set healthy expectations for your future union
  • Identify red flags and know who not to choose
  • Navigate relational and family conflicts
  • Develop effective communication skills for a lifetime of love
  • Overcome your past mistakes and move forward
  • Prepare for a lifetime of love and commitment


Show Details

  • When to Listen: Thursdays
  • Where to Listen: The Jokotade App - Free on iTunes or PLAY
  • Show Format: Audio Podcast


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