My Story

Jokotade | Inspirational Speaker | Texas

I grew up as a first child with the demand and pressures that come with the position.  Family, parents and everyone typically have great hope and high expectations and ultimately expect the world of you. The pressure to perform and deliver is constant and that pressure never goes away whether you are 10, 20 or 40.

The challenge I faced was, I didn't have anyone to follow, no true role models on how life should really be lived, no one to ask the sort of questions that were unique to my position no one to guide me through my problems and help me put a balanced perspective on things. 

This was a big challenge for me because that meant I had to figure things out on my own. I learned very quickly I could either be a success or failure with my decisions. By the time I figured things out, I had lost time, energy and effort to those life experiences.  Frankly, I really felt like a single tree in a very large forest.  

Then later, still at a very young age something happened and I would never be the same again.  A small group of young women like me who lived in my kind of environment, understood my challenges and spoke in words I could understand, reached out to me.  These young ladies were simple, sincere and stable. They didn't have everything in life but they had many things I was lacking:

  • They had Truth
  • They had Wisdom
  • They had Peace

They shared a truth no one had ever shared with me and especially in a way I could really understand and believe:

  • That I am special and loved and there is someone who loves me beyond words could express.
  • That I could have a sound mind and really live a life filled with knowledge, understanding and good judgment
  • That even though my life was filled with many challenges and lacked peace, that GOD through the LORD JESUS had a special plan for my life.

This TRUTH changed my life forever!
After this experience, my life as a leader truly emerged with a deeper purpose. 

I soon realized that there were many young women like me facing the same challenges I faced. I found that many women find it hard to turn to parents and family for help on issues they are struggling with, perhaps for fear of judgment and condemnation. 

I thought to myself if someone could invest so much love, time and effort in me and my life changed completely, then imagine what could happen to many other young women if I also did the same.

If you ask just about any woman, she'll tell you, she desires a meaningful life regardless of the issues or challenges she faces and she desires to share her struggles with a relevant friend, sister, mentor or confidant.  Someone who is imperfect like she is, yet keeps reaching for her goals.

And so, I began my new life journey of making better choices.  Choices that will influence and help other young women lead and succeed in life.  I made a choice

  • to be simple
  • to be sincere
  • and to serve.

I made a choice to share my personal life experiences and the lessons I have learned from others, so other young women like me, could find hope and direction for life.  I also made a choice to develop a deep passion for life, using my energy to love, nurture and inspire other young women. I made this choice because I saw no limits to the possibility and power of investing in the lives of others.

Slowly but surely, my personal experiences inspired one woman after another and I soon realized that there was a long standing need for more women to find the same kind of hope and direction I had found, and so was born. Starting with my passion for style, became an avenue for me to warmly mentor and lead other women.  I found that the young women who followed me or got a chance to hear me speak, wanted more.  More than fashion, more than style, the women wanted me to share more of my wisdom and insights on life, marriage, family, business, career and ministry.  This need has evolved into The Jokotade Show - A relevant webTV and podcast programming that inspires women to live lives full of purpose, passion and wisdom.

I am passionate about helping women find and develop their rhythm for life.  I am passionate about women doing better in every area of life.  I want women watching to see that someone cares about them, someone believes in them and someone is willing to invest in them.

My name is Vivian Jokotade and I invite you to read, watch, listen and follow. My heart's desire is that you find relevant help for life and you grow in purpose, passion and wisdom.